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Well-managed trees are always there to improve our yard view and air quality, but if the trees are growing too big, they can even threat the foundation of a house.

There are also different reasons to remove trees or hedges from your yard. For example, the life expectancy of the tree is over, or it is hazardous to health for people, or a sudden storm destroys the tree.

Such trees should be removed from the property in the safest way possible, which requires tree removal workers with polished skills.

Tree Service Richmond Hill is proud to present the team with experience and dedication. 

Our insured tree technicians always focus on getting the tree or shrub removal job done with the help of the latest tools and equipment in a short time period.

We provide affordable and best tree and hedge removal service with an option of financing as well.

Along with tree removal, our team is experienced in the shrubs removal, hedges removal, and branch removal in Richmond Hill with full safety.

You can contact our team over the phone or submit an online form.

Our licensed team offers affordable tree removal service for you.

Permit Application to injure or destroy a tree in Richmond Hill
Demo Tree Removal Permit Application Form – Richmond Hill


Arborist is helping remove the tree branches

What factors should be taken into consideration before removing the tree?

  • ·       Permits for tree removal

There are tree preservation by-laws in most cities which do not allow you to remove or injure the trees at certain size. You will need special permit to remove this type of trees. Individuals are not aware of these by-laws could cause trouble by removing a tree.

Our dedicated team are always familiar with each specific by-law requirement. We will make sure to work with our clients to get a permit before cutting a tree if necessary. 

Our detailed Arborist Report is one key factor to get the tree removal permit quickly.


  • ·       Removing a tree in a professional way

Tree Service Richmond Hill has all the expertise and experience to handle any kind of situation in removing the tree. We are known in the market for removing large and dangerous trees with the highest level of quality. All of the tree services are covered by liability insurance. 

The core ideology of our company is to make trees safe for humans and provide essential maintenance to trees for longer and healthier life. 

We are always here to help.

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I am happy with their work. They arrived on time and removed a big white oak for me.

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Cecilia L.
Elgin Mills
My neighbour recommended me to them. Our tree roots were lifting the house foundation, and they helped remove the tree. Very efficient.
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Matthew S.