Tree Fertilization Service in Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill Aeration and Fertilization

Tree Service Richmond Hill can help you with the aeration and fertilization for trees.

The growth of trees depends on some critical factors like:

  • Light
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Amount of water
  • Nutrition
  • Consistent care

The combination of all these factors ends up the proper growth of the tree. The changing weather conditions can have a profound impact on the greenery of your yard, and your trees can struggle in the extreme hot or cold season.

It is important to provide fertilization and aeration to the soil where your trees grow so they can withstand difficult weather conditions. 

At Tree Service Richmond Hill, we supply the essential fertilizers to your trees to help them remain healthy and lush green.

Our expert team has in-depth knowledge of the nutrition requirements of the trees and provide the fertilizers and aeration per the type of trees and the weather conditions.

We guarantee that with tree fertilization your trees will be much healthier than before and could withstand weather-related challenges. The immune system of your trees will be more robust to combat any disease attack, and if it’s a fruit tree, you will observe healthier fruits.

Our workforce is equipped with all the latest equipment and high-quality fertilizers, which can completely transfer your front and back yard. 

The tree fertilization service is cost-effective and affordable as compared to most of our competitors.

Call us now or fill in the online form, and we will be happy to discuss with you about your tree care needs and provide advice. 


careful soil fertilization for your trees