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Tree Service Richmond Hill is a local tree care company with years of experience. We are proud to provide excellent tree services to residents in York Region
Our mission is to take great care of trees and urban forestry in the community to create a more enjoyable neighborhood.
We provide expertise in all kinds of tree services. Our dedicated team makes sure to give the best tree care in the market. 
Whether the services are for trees or shrubs, big or small, our team will give the best quality with perfection.
The certified arborists are experienced with different kinds of tree services and can issue professional arborist reports
Our workforce is qualified to take on any task related to trees. We give in-depth training to our team and adopt all the innovations to make the tree service more smooth.
We believe that trees play a crucial role in balancing the ecosystem of the world. We must maintain the quality and quantity of trees. Just like human beings may need doctors from time to time, trees also need the same service. We pride ourselves as tree doctors.
As a licensed and insured company, we offer a full range of tree care services and urban forestry in Richmond Hill. Our services include tree removal, tree pruning, cabling and bracing, tree stump removal, aeration and fertilization, and other emergency services.
We offer competitive prices for tree services. The highly skilled staff has years of experience in small and large projects. This makes us the best fit for your tree care needs. 
The excellent track record and 100% customer satisfaction are proof of our commitment to providing the best tree care
The proper care of trees includes trimming, pruning, cabling and bracing, removal, and fertilization, which makes it a demanding job and requires skills. This is where we come in; we provide the tree services with care in the market.
We take care of your property not only when we start the job, but also after finishing our work. We will conduct a thorough cleanup after tree pruning or tree removal. Quality work and proper care win us satisfied customers.
We care about trees and our community. We deliver the required results within your budget.
The cost of our tree service is affordable as compared to most of the companies in the market. 
We guarantee your budget and timeline with 100% quality assurance. Our team is just one call away from you. Once you contact our representative, we will visit your site to understand the criticality of the situation to better assist you.
Richmond Hill, part of the Greater Toronto Area, is located in the south-central York Region, Ontario. The total area is around 101 square kilometers, and it is the home of more than 200,000 people. The official motto of the city is En la rose, je fleuris (French), which means “Like the rose, I flourish.”
This motto does justice to the image of the city because it used to be the hub of rose growing during the 20th century. It was also famous as the Rose Capital of Canada at that time. With time, the motto has changed to A little north, a little nicer.
The culture of Richmond Hill city is rich with arts and recreation. It possesses one of the most advanced public libraries and theatres, which promotes all the arts-related activities. Similarly, there are around 166 parks in the city which provide an excellent recreational spot for the people.
 Tree Service Richmond Hill is proud to be part of the wonderful community.
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Safe tree and hedge removal near you with qualified worker
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Tree Services

A chopped tree lying on the ground and the man is finishing after removing the tree
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Trees can improve the quality of air and offer a better view; yet, if trees are outgrown or catch a serious disease, they can become a hazard for your property. 

There are other reasons to remove the tree from the property, like the life expectancy of the tree is over, or it is hazardous to health for residents, or a sudden storm destroys the tree. To read more about our Tree Removal service, please click here.

Our expert team provides services in taking care of the whole tree canopy by maintaining the structure and shape of the tree. We make sure to keep the tree limbs intact to keep it stay upright.

We are also experienced in the decorative trimming of trees in which we trim the branches in a specific shape. To find more about our Tree Pruning service, please click here.

Removing trees is a challenging job, and removing the stump from the ground can be even more challenging. 

Many tree stumps are so much penetrated in the ground and it can be unsafe for an individual to dig it off. You need a helping hand of an expert to remove it safely. Read more here to see how we can help you remove the tree stump.

The healthy growth of trees can depend on factors like proper light, water, soil, nutrition, and consistent care. Our expert team has in-depth knowledge of the nutrition requirements of the trees and can provide the fertilizers and aeration per the type of trees and the weather conditions. To find more about our Tree Fertilization service, please click here.

We have 24/7 emergency tree service to help you through the challenging times. Read more about our emergency service.

Arborist Report

We are very familiar with the Tree Preservation By-law, Richmond Hill. Our certified arborists are experienced in applying for Tree Cutting Permit. Call us now or fill in the request form online to get more information. We are always here to help!

What Our Customers Have to Say

I am happy with their work. They arrived on time and removed a big white oak for me.

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Cecilia L.
Elgin Mills
My neighbour recommended me to them. Our tree roots were lifting the house foundation, and they helped remove the tree. Very efficient.
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Matthew S.
Their pruning work is like a piece of art!! I will continue to use their service this year.

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Nina S.
Oak Ridges

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